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Marking Systems, Inc. produces a wide variety of high quality labels supplied on rolls, sometimes referred to as roll labels. Utilizing 1 of 3 different printing processes, we are able to maintain the most stringent quality standards, and still offer our customers the most cost effective pricing.
Marking Systems has the unique ability to sub-surface/back print on a polycarbonate substrate, either digitally or using screen printing. Printing a reverse image on the back of a clear substrate allows us to fabricate extremely durable warning/caution labels, wiring diagrams, custom colored thermal transfers, vinyl cutouts, 2D barcode labels, tamper evident labels, variable data labels (several designs, serialization), and labels bearing the UL/CSA stamp of approval.
Stocking a large variety of substrates, laminates, and inks gives Marking Systems the ability to meet the needs of customers in almost any industry by customizing each product for optimal performance. Our roll labels can measure up to 16" wide and have a thickness of .002" - .015". Able to withstand temperatures from -40°F to 275°F, Marking System's roll labels can be made to resist scratches, chemicals, and UV exposure.




Marking Systems, Inc. takes pride in being able to produce durable custom nameplates using several different manufacturing processes. This allows us to cater to a wide range of industries and applications, insuring that each nameplate is both aesthetically appealing and functional in it's specific application. Nameplates can be made to withstand harsh outdoor environments, chemicals, scratches, as well as ultraviolet light that may cause other nameplates to yellow over time. Marking Systems offers a variety of laminates that provide a protective layer over the graphics and give the label an aesthetically appealing finish. Most commonly labels will have an either gloss or matte finish with a velvet or smooth texture. MSI offers several different embellishment options as well for customers who desire for their product to stand out above the competition.
Whether it be through the utilization of special inks (metallic, photo luminescent, texture clear), or a special tool to emboss certain features and give them a 3D appeal, MSI offers a wide selection to choose from.


UL & CSA Labels


Marking Systems, Inc. works closely with both UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and CSA their Canadian counterpart. With over 20 UL/CSA recognized label constructions (more added annually), MSI has made itself an invaluable resource for both buyers and engineers who are in need of guidance through the somewhat tricky task of getting UL approved.
Our current constructions cover a broad spectrum of applications, and utilize several base materials including different types of polyester, vinyl, and polycarbonate films. All labels are custom tailored to suit the needs of the customer and last the life of whatever product they are being used on. Whether it's being used indoors or in the harshest of environments, MSI's long standing history with both UL and CSA has made us capable of getting the job done.


Polyurethane Domes


Doming is a word used to describe a process in which an exact amount of polyurethane resin is applied over the top of a label or nameplate, and allowed to flow outward to the edges which act as a levy. Once the resin is cured it effectively forms a clear protective cap or dome over the graphics, thus giving it the name dome label. Sometimes referred to as bubble labels, dome labels are highly durable, and well suited for just about any environment.
Several factors come into play during the doming process that makes it a tough process to master. For this reason several companies opt to send out finished product to be domed by companies called doming houses that specialize in the process. Marking Systems, Inc. is one of the few companies with an on-site clean room that allows us to do both printing and doming under the same roof. By doing the doming in-house we can offer extremely competitive pricing as well as quick turns without having to compromise our quality.


Tamper/Security Labels


Tamper seals and security labels are often used to detect tampering of containers and access points. When removed, the tamper evident seal will self-destruct to indicate that the seal has been broken.   Our security labels feature superior tamper evident performance, which is designed to function within one (1) minute of application on the recommended surfaces. Unlike competitive products, there is no long waiting period for the tamper evidence feature to be functional. 




Largely considered to be our feature product or "bread and butter", Marking Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in fabricating graphic overlays. Designed to be applied over a products control panel, an overlay identifies the various functions for each button, contains windows for displays and LEDs, and protects the inner workings of certain electronic applications.
With over 40 years experience and a huge list of manufacturing processes to choose from, we can insure the best product at a competitive price. For the most part our overlays are sub surface printed or back printed using clear polyesters and polycarbonates. The value in back printing is that the part is essentially self laminated and does not require any additional laminates. We offer several embellishment solutions to compliment the look of the overlay including embossing, selective textures, and metallic inks.


Membrane Switches


The fabrication services provided by Marking Systems, Inc. include all aspects of product design and manufacturing for custom membrane switches.

We produce:

  • Keypads
  • Silver flex circuits
  • Copper flex circuits
  • Tactile and non-tactile switches
  • Silver flex/copper flex circuit options
  • PCB switches
  • Rubberized keypads
  • Digital touch screens

Offering a variety of custom options including:

  • Stainless steel domes
  • Poly-domes
  • PC board mounted switches
  • PEM inserts
  • Automatic SMD LED placement
  • Sealed NEMA 4 rated construction
  • Sub panel assemblies
  • Lighting Options:
    • LED
    • Light Guide Film
    • Electroluminescence (EL)
    • Fiber Optics

Our membrane switches have an actuation life of 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 cycles. We have backlighting options consisting of: LED, light guide film, electro luminescence (EL), and fiber optics. We can fabricate these switches along with graphic overlay made from various polyesters and polycarbonates. Our membranes can withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to 75°C. Electrical specifications include ESD / RFI shielding options, through-hole or two-sided flex circuits, 100 mA at 28 VDC max and maximum load 1.5 VA nominal. 


Prototyping Label Options


Send us your artwork and in 5 days or less (in most cases) you have a production quality prototype.  Screen or Digital printing does not matter. Our digital blade cutting makes sure your parts are as accurate (+/- .010”) as steel rule die cutting. 


Overlays, Nameplates & Labels


  • Digital Print/Digital Cuts:   10 pieces at $200 lot charge;  Setup $50 (one-time charge per version); Delivery o f 5 working days or less to ship
  • Screen Print/Digital Cuts:  10 pieces at $300 lot charge;  Setup $50 (one-time charge per version);  Delivery of 5 working days or less to ship
  • Screen Print/Digital Cuts + extra operations (embossing, texture clear, etc.):  10 pieces at $450 approximately; Setup $50;  Tooling to be determined;  Delivery of 5-15 working days or less to ship


Membrane Switches for Rapid Prototyping


  • 3-5 pieces at $1500 (silver flex)
  • 3-5 pieces at $2000 (copper flex, PCB)
    • Delivery is 10 working days form customer approval of drawings which takes 24-48 hours
    • Tooling are all digital and will be charged on production order


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