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Prototype Machine Option:


Prototyping can be handled in a variety of ways. If you have an existing CAD/CAM file or CNC program, we obviously have the experienced staff and in-house equipment to create your prototype. On the other hand, if all you have is a rough idea of the part, we can take your hand-drawn sketch and run with that as well.

Operations are performed on our 5 axis state-of-the-art machinery, including vertical and horizontal machining centers, and lathes, with CNC control capabilities, laser, EDMs or waterjet machines.


Prototype Stamping/Sheet Metal Option:


We have a sheet metal company that began in 1982 as a family owned and operated business as a supplier of quick turn precision sheet metal fabrication and precision cnc machined products for the prototype markets.

Today, they are still a family owned and operated business that specializes in rapid prototyping of precision sheet metal and machined prototypes, short run productions, and quick turn-around products and apply the most state of the art and comprehensive processes to meet the competitive demands of the industry or custom metal fabrication.


Our equipment list is extensive in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers:  laser, waterjet, turret, lathe, mills, EDM, CNC 5 axis machining centers, dies, tooling fixtures, PWS machine, grinding, milling, drilling, roll-forming, press brakes, progressive die stamping and powder coating


Label Prototyping Options:

Send us your artwork and in 5 days or less (in most cases) you have a production quality prototype.  Screen or Digital printing does not matter. Our digital blade cutting makes sure your parts are as accurate (+/- .010”) as steel rule die cutting. 


Overlays, Nameplates & Labels Prototyping


  • Digital Print/Digital Cuts:   10 pieces at $200 lot charge;  Setup $50 (one-time charge per version); Delivery of 5 working days or less to ship
  • Screen Print/Digital Cuts:  10 pieces at $300 lot charge;  Setup $50 (one-time charge per version);  Delivery of 5 working days or less to ship
  • Screen Print/Digital Cuts + extra operations (embossing, texture clear, etc.):  10 pieces at $450 approximately; Setup $50;  Tooling to be determined;  Delivery of 5-15 working days or less to ship

Membrane Switches Prototyping


  • 3-5 pieces at $1500 (silver flex)
  • 3-5 pieces at $2000 (copper flex, PCB)
  • Delivery is 10 working days form customer approval of drawings which takes 24-48 hours
  • Tooling are all digital and will be charged on production order


Plastic Prototyping and Rubber Prototyping Options:




Prototype Casting Option:


Metal Castings foundry can produce aluminum castings economically in quantities from one to 100 pieces, using either plaster mold or sand casting processes. Depending on the scope of your project, we can deliver your parts in as little as two to four weeks.  Plaster Mold Casting  casting process and A356-T6 aluminum alloy, we can deliver roughly 80 percent of the properties of a die-cast part made of A380 aluminum alloy.   Plaster mold casting process offers a number of advantages over sand casting; for example, it allows casting part walls as thin as 0.060-in. and provides a very smooth surface finish. Sand Casting process can produce parts with walls 0.200-in. thick or thicker. It’s well suited for casting parts from aluminum, gray iron, ductile iron or steel. Tooling used in both the plaster mold and sand casting processes is very similar. We can produce it quickly using loose patterns or models created using our stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototyping capabilities. The specific tooling methods used and tooling costs depend on the size and complexity of the casting, as well as the number of parts required. For smaller quantities (one to six parts) of small- to medium-sized parts, loose SLA tooling is the fastest, most cost-effective solution. Larger parts and quantities up to 100 will require four weeks for delivery of first samples.

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